Studio Cleanliness and Policies

As a newborn photographer, and as a mom myself, I have always kept cleanliness and safety as a top priority for my studio. I’ve always said to all my clients “safety is my top priority”. I want your baby safe AND happy. During your session, I will be safely posing your baby and if at any time your baby needs to take a break and nurse or even just be cuddled, we take that break.

Now that we have had this Covid-19 pandemic. I have really begun to think about the cleanliness of our studio and keeping germs away.

Here are the things that we have always done to keep the studio clean and safe:

– Studio is cleaned and vacuumed in between sessions
– Fabrics are washed after each session
– Props are wiped down in between sessions
– Hand sanitizer is provided
– Snacks are individually wrapped
– I’ve always washed my hands and sanitized before and during my sessions

Here are the extra precautions that we are taking due to this Covid-19 pandemic:

– Photographer will be wearing a face mask
– We kindly ask that all shoes be taken off before entering
– Only immediate family members to attend
– 48 hours between each session
– Extra hand sanitizing during the session

I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for trusting Candice Berman Photography to capture these beautiful moments in your lives. Time really flies by and before you know it, your baby won’t fit in your arms the way they did at 2 weeks old. I take your trust in me very seriously and I will continue to provide the highest level of service possible and keep your families safe. Thank you again.

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