Baby gas pains

After your little one is born the first typical pains they might experience is gas. Their little digestive systems are still developing and as it develops it can cause infants a lot of discomfort. Gas is very common and there are some things that you can do to keep your baby from having it at...

The challenges of breastfeeding

Before I brought my newborn home from the hospital, the one thing I really wish someone would have told me about was the challenges of breastfeeding. They try to help guide you in the right direction before you leave the hospital, but I left more confused than I was going in. By the time I...

New baby’s growth in the first two months!

We’ve all heard the saying, “kids grow up so fast.” Well, it’s true! One day all they can do is lay around and eat. Then, before you know it, you’re chasing them around the house trying to keep them out of harm’s way. Even within the first two months they go through so many critical...

Teach your newborn how to play!

When a baby is born it doesn’t seem like they have much interest in anything besides eating and pooping. In fact, babies are born to play, and the sooner you start interacting with them, the sooner you can help them perfect those natural abilities. They will shine through soon enough! There are a ton of...

Newborn’s hearing milestones

When your baby is all tucked away in your womb he can hear the sound of your voice and make out other noises, but might not be able to hear exactly what you’re saying. He is too busy growing to understand the world yet. Babies ears are well-developed at birth, but it can take up...




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