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This is a scary time for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic. My heart goes out to all those that have been affected. It’s extra scary for those who have a new baby at home. A baby is at the most risk for disease and infection for the first 28 days of her life. It’s […]

Important hygiene tips with a newborn

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Bringing home your baby for the first time is so exciting! You can’t wait for everyone to meet her, including your fur child (your dog). Throughout the entire 9 months your pup knew something was up. Chances are, your dog reacted a certain way towards mamma. Hopefully it was positive. I’ve heard most dogs act […]

How will your dog respond to your new baby?

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It is so adorable when you hear those very first coo’s that come from your newborn baby. Once he says “Mama” or “Dada” for the first time, it’ll make you cry for sure! I want to talk about the different stages of speech and what to expect each month. It’s true, kids are little sponges. […]

Let’s talk baby talk!


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Before your little one came along I bet you never heard of sleep regression. It’s something that happens to every newborn baby at different stages of their lives. Once you know what it is, it sounds scary, but it’s actually a really good sign. It means that your baby is adjusting to a better sleep […]

Surviving 4-month sleep regression

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The best way for your little one to build up her neck and upper body muscles is a little tummy time each day. This helps her get ready for crawling. Not every infant likes to be on her tummy though. If she starts fussing there is only so much you can do to get her […]

What if your Baby Hates Tummy Time?

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