What 3 major milestones will an infant reach?

The first 3 months of yours and your newborn babies life is filled with discovery, uncertainty, happiness and lots of baby pictures of course! Within those first 3 glorious months your little one is developing motor, sensory, and communication skills right under your nose.

I’ve heard people say, “When you have a baby, you learn the world all over again!” I believe this wholeheartedly! 

When you look at little Aarshati in these pictures she looks so peaceful and precious. Soon enough she will be growing into her own little person. Although, before she starts to grow out of this adorable stage she has to develop a few basic skills. Infant babies like Aarshati absorb and learn so much in just the first 3 months.

Aarshati will start to develop her motor skills when she is on her little tummy. The simple act of pushing herself up with those chubby little arms is a clear indication of theses skills being put to the test.

Her sensory skills are being developed when she is lying on her back and visually tracking something from side to side with her curious little eyes.

When Aarshati looks at you and smiles at the sound of your voice her communication skills are at work.

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