Newborn Digital Backdrop Tutorial

Hi there! I feel absolutely blessed to have collaborated with Cardboard Sheek to make these gorgeous digital backdrops for you all to enjoy! You can see all the digital backdrops we have to offer here.

I wanted to do a little tutorial on how to use our digital backdrops for newborns and give you a couple of my tips and tricks.

Digital backdrops are pretty easy to use, but can be tricky too.  I try to always make them look as realistic as possible by matching the bottom layer with the digital backdrop. Typically, I will decide on the digital backdrop BEFORE my session so I know which fluff, blanket, etc I want to match so that I can just place the baby in there in photoshop and make it much easier on myself.

Here are a couple of tips. There is a video tutorial also at the end of this post.

  • Make sure the light is coming from the right way when you place the baby in the digital backdrop. If you need to flip baby or rotate, do that so that the light matches up and looks more realistic.
  • Try to decide on the digital backdrop before the session (if possible) so that you can match the fluff or bottom layer, making it easier on yourself in photoshop and also more realistic.
  • Use the burn tool as necessary to help with shadows.
  • Lighten or darken baby if needed to match the digital backdrop.

Please watch the digital backdrop tutorial I made here:

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