New baby’s growth in the first two months!

We’ve all heard the saying, “kids grow up so fast.” Well, it’s true! One day all they can do is lay around and eat. Then, before you know it, you’re chasing them around the house trying to keep them out of harm’s way. Even within the first two months they go through so many critical changes. As I always like to point out, every baby is different and they will grow at their own pace. Although, getting an idea of what to expect is very important. 

In the next two months Logan is expected to gain at least two pound and grow at least one inch in length. That’s a lot of work for one little body in such a short period of time! No wonder why newborns sleep all the time. I’d be exhausted too! Her facial features will start to become a little more defined, and her eye color might change some. Another thing you might notice is that her movements are starting to become a little more controlled. That means that her little muscles are starting to build up! Keep up with tummy time and she’ll be whipping her head around in no time! If you think she is perfect and couldn’t get any cuter, just give it a little time. Babies always get even cuter as they start to develop into their own little person. 

All the growing that Logan is doing is going to require more food to fuel those extra 2 lbs and all of those little changes! This means that she will most likely go through some periods of increased hunger and fussiness. There is no need to worry when this happens. I thinks it’s best to just follow Logan’s lead. If she is suddenly hungrier than usual one day, chances are she is going through a growth spurt and you should feed her a little bit more. I think it’s an easier obstacle when this is happening with breastfed babies, because somehow your body just knows that your baby needs more food and magically produces it without any hesitation. With formula fed babies you really have to pay attention and read their hunger signs and make sure to feed them more formula when it is necessary. 

Every baby is different and will create their own hunger sings. The most common hunger signs is when she appears restless, she sticks out her tongue a lot, smacks her lips or sucks on her hands and lips. You should be able to tell when she’s full because she will either fall asleep at the end or she just wont show any interest in feeding anymore. Don’t forget babies tummies are so small and she should be burped after each feeding. This will eliminate any discomfort she might have from any leftover air bubbles.

Try not to worry too much about if Logan in on a good healthy growth track for the first two months. As long as she is going in for her regular pediatric visits, they will do most of the worrying for you. Logan is going to grow so much in her first two months of life. These months are just a stepping stone for all the years to come. 


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