Newborn memories

I don’t remember anything from when I was a baby, do you? Most likely not, but if you do I might have a hard time believing you. There are reasons that you don’t remember anything and they are perfectly normal. That’s why taking pictures is so important at such a young age. When they get older you will have so many great memories to share with them and your family. There’s no such thing as too many pictures!

Little Olivia is such a cutie and her parents made a good move by having pictures taken to capture this beautiful moment in time. I’m sure they are going to take pictures of her every chance they get! Look at her, how could they resist? Olivia is perfectly capable of remembering these beautiful pictures, but she won’t. Her little brain is taking in so much information and it simply hasn’t learned how to store memories yet. At this age she can only retain semantic memories, such as who her parents are. When Olivia was born the very first memory that she had was the sound of her mother’s voice. By one week she can remember her smell, especially if she is breastfeeding.

When Olivia reaches two months she should be able to recognize familiar faces and voices. The faces she sees every day she is more likely to remember them. If Olivia is showing signs of recognition this is a great sign! It’s a stepping stone in her growth and development! It’s going to take some time for her to start remembering specific episodes. I think this is a good thing, because Olivia is so used to the safety of her mom’s womb and the world can be a scary place for such a little baby. This means that Olivia wont remember taking that long uncomfortable trip through the birth canal or having a big scary person (the doctor) shine some light in her cozy little nest, reach in and pull her out (c-section). Also, if she gets any painful shots at her pediatricians office she won’t remember that and she can continue to be a happy little care-free baby. If babies had the ability to remember any of those things they would be extremely timid and scared of everything instead of cute and curious.


Olivia’s memory will get a little stronger every day! By 3 months old she will start to remember new pictures or toys shown to her up to six days prior. 

By the time Olivia reaches 9 months old she will be able to remember much more specific information. She will start to know exactly where her toys are in the house and she will be able to intimidate actions that she sees up to a week before! Be careful what you do and say! She will be a little sponge. Her memory will continue to get stronger and eventually she will start to remember her experiences in life. Try to wait a few more months before you take her to Disneyland because that is one experience every kid wants to remember! 

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