Tips on how to help Dad bond with the new baby

Let’s face it, after the baby is born it’s pretty much Mom’s show. It’s very important to get Dad involved as much as possible. Any proud father would want to bond with the newest bundle of joy in anyway possible. There are plenty of things that you can do to help dad bond with the new baby. 

When Adelina’s Mom is breastfeeding her it’s such a beautiful bonding experience. As Adelina’s Mom is looking down at her, Adelina is looking back up. For obvious reasons, Dad simply can’t do that. So when it is Dad’s turn to feed Adelina, the best thing to do is try to hold her in the same position so Adelina can look into her Dad’s eyes why he is giving her a bottle. This will initiate the same type of bonding experience, and it gives Dad a chance to gaze into his Daughters beautiful bright eyes. 

Another way to give Dad his one on one time with Adelina is by giving him the night shift. Mom is with her all day and she could use the rest. That’s where Dad can come to the rescue, let Mom sleep, and comfort Adelina if she gets a little fussy. Don’t forget to have some fresh bottles in the fridge for Dad! He’s going to need them! 

Babies love being comforted, so if Adelina starts to cry give her to Dad to soothe her tears. The goal is to turn those tears into sweet little baby laughter. If he can accomplish that, then he has already successfully bonded with Adelina. 

Dad can bond with Adelina by simply taking her for a walk around the block. Use a sling or carrier instead of a stroller. This will help keep her close and help her feel safe with Dad. Make sure he doesn’t forget the sunscreen though! Adelina’s skin is very sensitive at this age. 

Making time for a little baby massage will also help Adelina and her Dad bond. If she is fussy this probably won’t work very well, so make sure she is in a good mood. Dad can gently rub her legs, back, arms, belly and neck. He only needs to do this for about 10 – 15 minutes to get baby loving every second of Daddy-Daughter time!

A couple of other tips to help them bond is to put Dad on diaper duty and incorporate daily playtime with each other. After Adelina start daily playtime with Dad then she will expect him to be there every single day. If he can’t make it she will probably notice and get a little fussy. She just wants her Daddy time. 

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