Get Help You Need With 6 Postpartum Doulas in Orange County

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It doesn’t matter how many books you read or how many babies you’ve already had. The newborn stage can be overwhelming for everyone. Not only are you taking care of a baby who doesn’t understand this loud and cold world, but you’re also trying to recover from the hard work of labor. It can be a lot, both emotionally and physically. If you could use a little extra help right now, I would love to give you a list of the best postpartum doulas in Orange County. With these professionals, you will have the support you need. 

Tackle Your Transition To Parenthood With These Wonderful Postpartum Doulas In Orange County

Laguna Family Doulas

Laguna Family Doulas is an agency that was opened by Julie Garin, a birth and postpartum doula who is passionate about providing families with support through the first few months. Julie is a pro when it comes to working with families to establish a routine or helping you figure out how the heck to get your baby to sleep. Plus, she can help out with light housework and errands. 

Newborn Nurtury

Newborn Nurtury is a postpartum doula practice that was opened in Orange County by Donna Ford. Donna understands that no one family is the same. That’s why she’s employed a team of expert doulas and will help you find the one that matches your style. Your doula can provide lactation support, care for older siblings, provide hands-on infant care, help you recognize sleep patterns, and more. 

Mind Body Baby

Mind Body Baby is a collective of doulas who will make sure your family has help through the fourth trimester. Their goal is to ensure you feel confident in early parenthood. Whether they are guiding you through breastfeeding or giving you a pep talk, they’re going to make sure you feel ready to take on this next role in life. 


MyFrenchDoula was founded by Mathilde, a postpartum doula who started out as an Orange County au pair. Mathilde is here to provide you with support for all of your birth and postpartum decisions. She will provide you with guidance and provide hands-on support so you can get through the fourth trimester feeling your best. 

Baby And Doula Care

Baby and Doula Care is a practice that was started by Susy Caracas. Susy is a mom who knows all about what it’s like to go through this stage. As she says, her role is to “mother the mother.” She is going to be there to listen to your rants, provide you with evidence for all your decisions, and give you help around the house so you don’t ever feel too overwhelmed. 

Modern Roots Birth

Modern Roots Birth began with a doula who wanted to give parents assistance after she experienced the newborn stage with her own family. She provides various levels of support for new parents. She can be there for full-spectrum care inside your home or keep you nourished by preparing foundational postpartum meals. 

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You Will Love The Support From These Incredible Postpartum Doulas In Orange County

By working with postpartum doulas in Orange County, you will have the physical and emotional support you need so you can actually enjoy this stage! Check out these doula practices today so you can find your helper. 

If you need more ways of making this stage a little extra lovely, I would love to connect! I am an Orange County newborn photographer, and I adore working with parents. So they can make the most of these months. If you’re looking for the right photographer to celebrate your newest addition, then let’s chat! So you can decide if I’m the one for you!

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