Surviving 4-month sleep regression

Before your little one came along I bet you never heard of sleep regression. It’s something that happens to every newborn baby at different stages of their lives. Once you know what it is, it sounds scary, but it’s actually a really good sign. It means that your baby is adjusting to a better sleep schedule, which is better for the whole family. Once you get through a week or so of sleepless nights it’ll all be worth it, trust me. It’s a lot easier to get past it if you’re prepared for it. Keep reading to learn about what sleep regression is, what causes it, and how long it lasts.

Sleep regression is a period of time where your baby frequently wakes up during the night. It can last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. As a baby’s body grows so many things change. Sleep regression is a way for your little one to adjust to that change. The most common sleep regressions occur around 4 months, 8 months and even 18 months!  I want to talk about the 4-month sleep regression, because the first one is always the most difficult for parents. When your newborn hits this first regression stage it’s important to remember that it is a huge developmental milestone!

Once little Elle hits 4 months, she is no longer considered a newborn. She will accomplish so many different things in the first 3 months, but after 4 those milestones are going to skyrocket! So get ready! She will start to become a little more curious, and you’ll notice her staying awake longer in between her daytime naps. Elle is About to revamp your entire sleeping routine that you’ve gotten used to over the past 3 months. Although, it’s mostly good news, don’t worry. She’ll start sleeping longer at night (typically, six to eight hours) and only wake up one or two times to fill up her belly. Just keep in mind, before that glorious routine starts, you’ll probably have a pretty fussy baby for at least a week or two. Just until she adjusts.

At 4 months Elle will experience sleep regression because she’s developing more stages of sleep. There are four total stages of sleep. As a newborn Elle only experienced two of them, which is why she slept so much. Now her little body has to play catch-up! 

If Elle ends up going through a longer sleep regression there are a few  things her mom can do to help get through it. She can look into purchasing a weighted sleep sack. I’m pretty sure they have a few different ones on Amazon. It’s a little sack that has a small weight sewn into the chest area that provides comfort for little Elle. Lastly, creating a soothing bedtime routine and getting on a schedule will help them both through this regression and onto longer, deeper, sleep filled nights. 

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