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When setting up your newborn’s nursery there are so many things that you need to consider. Of course, getting everything ready for your little one’s arrival is at the top of the list. Although, your comfort should be a number one priority too. Being a new mama is very demanding and anything to make life […]

Setting up your newborn’s nursery to make Mom’s life easier

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Every pregnancy is different, so this doesn’t apply to everyone, but for the majority of women the first trimester is usually the worst. Your hormones are through the roof and your body is trying to adjust to it, so you experience the dreaded morning sickness, along with other unpleasant symptoms. I like to think of […]

Changes that occur during the third trimester

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Being a Mom for the first time is an indescribable feeling. It comes with a whole new set of responsibilities and challenges. Once you decide to have a second baby there’s an entirely new set of obstacles standing in your way. You’re ready for the lack of sleep and all the poopy diapers, but there’s […]

How will your first born react to their new baby brother or sister?

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Babies are cute for so many reasons, but there is one feature in particular that every infant has that just can’t help but make me smile, and I think everyone would agree… Those chubby little cheeks!  The first thing I noticed about Abigail were her cute rosy baby cheeks. Believe it or not, there is […]

Reasons why babies cheeks are so chubby


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I met Katelan’s parents for their maternity session and I am so glad they came to me for her newborn photos. She did so great and is such a beautiful baby girl!

Katelan – Huntington Beach Newborn Photographer

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