Important hygiene tips with a newborn

This is a scary time for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic. My heart goes out to all those that have been affected. It’s extra scary for those who have a new baby at home. A baby is at the most risk for disease and infection for the first 28 days of her life. It’s extremely important to protect her during this time in any way possible, especially during this time. Keep reading to get some great hygiene tips on how to make sure your newborn stays healthy and safe

As a parent, it is your right to let someone hold your new baby or not. If you do decide to let someone hold her the number one thing they must do before is wash their hands. Especially, if your little one is premature, the umbilical cord is still attached (the first week), if that person has a cough/cold, after being outside, after changing the baby’s diaper, and after using the restroom. For baby’s like Penelope, she doesn’t have a strong enough immune system. She is way more susceptible to infection, and it would be much more difficult for her to fight it off. Just to be on the safe side, I would always ask anyone who held one of my kids to wash their hands if they hadn’t done it already. 

Changing Penelope’s diapers frequently is another good hygiene habit to get into. This helps prevent diaper rashes which can be painful for her, and potentially lead to an infection. Most babies are pretty happy after a diaper change, so if you are changing her often expect a lot of smiles. Don’t forget to wash your hands after each dirty diaper to prevent spreading germs. 

I went over this a little bit in my last post, but be careful with Penelope around your pets. Don’t leave your pet alone with her, let your pet in the crib with her or let your pet lick her face. This can transmit infection into her mouth or eyes. They can bond and be cute together once Penelope’s immune system is much stronger. Also, make sure anyone who has come into contact with your pet washes their hands very well before touching Penelope. 

Keeping Penelope out of large groups during this stage of her life is another great way to practice good hygiene. The more people she is around the more likely she will come into contact with someone who is sick. I know it is exciting and you want to show her off to everyone, but the less people she is around during this stage of life, the better. Even if someone isn’t showing signs of being sick they could still be carrying something. You can’t be too careful. 

Lastly, sanitising everything feeding related, and anything she might put in her mouth. This will protect Penelope from microbes that could be ingested during feeding or playing with her toys.  

Make sure everyone in the house is practicing good hand washing technique.I know that sounds silly, but a quick dot of soap and a splash of water won’t destroy any germs. Everyone should be washing their hands before and after breakfast, lunch, dinner, using the bathroom and everything listed above.

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