How will your dog respond to your new baby?

Bringing home your baby for the first time is so exciting! You can’t wait for everyone to meet her, including your fur child (your dog). Throughout the entire 9 months your pup knew something was up. Chances are, your dog reacted a certain way towards mamma. Hopefully it was positive. I’ve heard most dogs act very protective while their human Mom is pregnant, but in some cases your dog might be jealous. Once the baby comes, a lot can change, including your dog. It’s good to be aware of it and prepare yourself and your family.

It is ok to let your dog near your new baby, but make sure he is well behaved and watch him very closely. There is really no way to tell how your pup will react to this cute and tiny, but loud ball of joy that has suddenly become the center of attention in the family. If he’s anything like my dog he’s used to being the center of the world in my family. It is very common for him to become jealous of the new baby. Taking steps to allow your dog to become familiar with the new member of the household is very important. 

Make sure you are giving your dog plenty of attention, especially when the baby is around. I know it’s hard, but if you can spend some alone time with your dog that will help a lot. This will help him feel like he is still a part of the family.  

If your dog shows any sign of aggression towards the new baby make sure he knows it’s not ok right away! He’ll learn very quickly what kind of behavior is allowed near the baby. If his aggressive behavior increases you should seek the help of a professional trainer. 

If your pup is excited and accepting of your newborn, that’s great! You just need to be careful when your baby is still really young. You don’t want your dog to lick her face or hands. For newborns under 6 months, their immune system is still developing and not very strong yet. As your little one gets older her immune system will get stronger and she’ll be able to fight off those bad germs. Until that happens I would suggest keeping your dog and newborn at a healthy distance from one another. 

Once her immune system gets stronger your fur baby and newborn can be the best of friends! 

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