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Studio Cleanliness and Policies

As a newborn photographer, and as a mom myself, I have always kept cleanliness and safety as a top priority for my studio. I’ve always said to all my clients “safety is my top priority”. I want your baby safe AND happy. During your session, I will be safely posing your baby and if at...

How will your dog respond to your new baby?

Bringing home your baby for the first time is so exciting! You can’t wait for everyone to meet her, including your fur child (your dog). Throughout the entire 9 months your pup knew something was up. Chances are, your dog reacted a certain way towards mamma. Hopefully it was positive. I’ve heard most dogs act...

Let’s talk baby talk!

It is so adorable when you hear those very first coo’s that come from your newborn baby. Once he says “Mama” or “Dada” for the first time, it’ll make you cry for sure! I want to talk about the different stages of speech and what to expect each month. It’s true, kids are little sponges....

Candice Berman Photography – Home Newborn Photography Studio

Hello, I am so glad you are here to see my new newborn photography studio! I recently moved into my own studio space – in my garage! That is right, I transformed my two car garage into this gorgeous, light, bright, and welcoming newborn photography studio. It took a lot of hard work and time,...

The Voegtlys – Orange County Family Photographer

It was great seeing this family and photographing them. I absolutely love seeing them and catching up with their momma! I have known their mommy for years and years now. I can’t believe how big the girls are getting! And I got lucky and was able to also photograph their cousins and their mom along...




About us

Candice Berman Photography is a speciality photography studio located in Fountain Valley, CA. We specialize in newborn and baby portraiture.