Mother’s intuition is real!


Let’s face it ladies, when the baby comes mom pretty much runs the show. Dad is there to support you and your new addition. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things Dad can do to sneak in some bonding time, but the majority of the time it’s the mom and baby show. Especially if mom is breastfeeding! Mom spends countless hours feeding, comforting and taking care of her newborn’s needs. During this time, a strong connection starts to develop. I personally believe that this is the start of a little thing called mother’s intuition. Mother’s intuition is a six sense or gut feeling that moms get after they have a baby. Nobody knows how or where it comes from, but it is a real thing. I didn’t believe it until I started having kids. Each step that mom and baby go through helps a mothers intuition grows stronger every single day. 

Bonding is the number one factor in strengthening a mother’s intuition. It is a physical and emotional process that is essential for the well-being of both Winston and his mom. Bonding affects mom and Winston’s nervous system levels, heart and brain. Bonding also helps boost immunity levels and paves the road to Winston’s healthy learning abilities. 

If Winston and his mom were having trouble bonding they could help spark the process by skin-to-skin contact, being close to each other all the time, listen to his noises/cries and respond to his needs sooner rather than later, and most importantly don’t neglect mom’s needs.

Winston’s Mom can sense when something is wrong. She spends so much time with him and they have developed an unspoken connection. She has an unconscious mechanism in her brain that gets set off if Winston needs something, even if she isn’t near him. By now she knows what each high/low pitched cry, facial expression and body movement means. The most important thing that Winston’s Mom can do is to trust her instincts, because she’s probably right. 

Typically these motherly instincts come with claws. If Winston was ever in danger his Mom would be right there to protect him. Most Mom’s have their nurturing and protective instincts amped-up after they have a baby…I know I did! This instinct is hormone-related and it is triggered after childbirth. The nurturing instinct that comes out after childbirth is there to support and encourage Winston throughout his life. Winston’s Mom will be there every step of the way and she will feel accomplished when he thrives. This instinct plays a big part in a child’s development and it increases a child’s ability to learn and remember things. 

Lastly, let’s talk about maternal love. Most believe that it is a hormone that automatically kicks in after childbirth. I believe there is some level of truth to that but, for some it can be a gradual feeling that happens through caring for and bonding with your newborn, and that’s okay! A mother’s love for her child starts out as instinct and as that love grows over time it becomes unbreakable! 


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