What should you look for when babies start teething?

When a babies teeth start coming in it can be very uncomfortable for your little bug. As a parent all you want to do is take their pain away. Understanding what your little one is going through makes such a huge difference. Knowing exactly what to do to minimize the little pains in their mouth will help your baby get through it that much faster.

Little Monet has gone through this stage. She’s already had a few tiny baby teeth poke through and she still has a few to go. Some of the symptoms that she probably experienced were drooling, biting, crying, refusing to eat, and the infamous sign of teeth pain, ear pulling and cheek rubbing.

Not all babies have the same symptoms. Actually, some don’t have any symptoms at all, and others go through months of fussiness because their poor little gums are so sore. You can help alleviate some of this pain with some simple home remedies.

These cute but painful little baby teeth start to emerge between 6-12 months. Some babies can even get them as early as three months! 

If you notice that your little one is drooling more than usual this could be a sign that those pesky little teeth want to come through. The poor little thing might even get a teething rash, which usually happens around her chin or neck (due to all of the drooling). In addition to the rash, excessive drooling can cause her to cough or gag a lot. If you notice that she is biting everything she can get her hands on that is usually a clear sign too. 

Once you get to know your babies different cries you’ll notice a new one with teething. It’s completely understandable that she will become more irritable, refuse to eat and even waking up in the middle of the night in pain. 

Home remedies are a lifesaver! You can let her chew it out with a bumpy rubber rattle or teething ring, use a clean finger and rub that pesky little sucker for her, give her some cold water to drink or cold food to eat. If all else fails, simply snuggling with her always helps relieve any kind of pain or discomfort.

Despite all of the discomfort that your little one might be going through when those first few teeth finally poke through it’s the cutest thing you will ever see! The most common teeth that come through first are the bottom front teeth. Just like little Monet! It’s a classic case of cuteness overload!!!

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