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Teach your newborn how to play!

When a baby is born it doesn’t seem like they have much interest in anything besides eating and pooping. In fact, babies are born to play, and the sooner you start interacting with them, the sooner you can help them perfect those natural abilities. They will shine through soon enough! There are a ton of...

Newborn’s hearing milestones

When your baby is all tucked away in your womb he can hear the sound of your voice and make out other noises, but might not be able to hear exactly what you’re saying. He is too busy growing to understand the world yet. Babies ears are well-developed at birth, but it can take up...

Mother’s intuition is real!

  Let’s face it ladies, when the baby comes mom pretty much runs the show. Dad is there to support you and your new addition. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things Dad can do to sneak in some bonding time, but the majority of the time it’s the mom and baby show....

What is purple crying?

After your baby is born his very first cries are like music to your ears because it’s the very first sound that you’ve ever heard him make. Some newborns cry more than others and sometimes there is no real reason for it. There is a specific stage of crying that some babies experience known as...




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