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When setting up your newborn’s nursery there are so many things that you need to consider. Of course, getting everything ready for your little one’s arrival is at the top of the list. Although, your comfort should be a number one priority too. Being a new mama is very demanding and anything to make life […]

Setting up your newborn’s nursery to make Mom’s life easier

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When a babies teeth start coming in it can be very uncomfortable for your little bug. As a parent all you want to do is take their pain away. Understanding what your little one is going through makes such a huge difference. Knowing exactly what to do to minimize the little pains in their mouth […]

What should you look for when babies start teething?

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Newborns feed often, and it has a lot to do with the size of their tummies when they’re born. For the past 9 months Mom’s placenta has been giving them all the nourishment they need. They haven’t had a chance to put their little tummies to work yet. Once the baby is born their brand […]

Find out how quickly newborns tummies grow!

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Babies are cute for so many reasons, but there is one feature in particular that every infant has that just can’t help but make me smile, and I think everyone would agree… Those chubby little cheeks!  The first thing I noticed about Abigail were her cute rosy baby cheeks. Believe it or not, there is […]

Reasons why babies cheeks are so chubby


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The first 3 months of yours and your newborn babies life is filled with discovery, uncertainty, happiness and lots of baby pictures of course! Within those first 3 glorious months your little one is developing motor, sensory, and communication skills right under your nose. I’ve heard people say, “When you have a baby, you learn […]

What 3 major milestones will an infant reach?

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